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      Exhibition Career of IL* Sand Silk Lalinda
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Date Place Organi
Judge Class Result/Title
03.05.2014 Holon.Israel FIFe I.Pruchniak Junior EX1,NOM
03.05.2014 Holon.Israel FIFe N.Pahl Junior EX1,NOM,BEST in SHOW JUNIOR
15.03.2014 Ashdod.Israel CFA G.Paquet Franc
P. DelaBar
Kitten 3 x BOB, 1 x 2BOB
2-nd BEST SH ,3-rd BEST AB,4-th BEST SH,6-th BEST AB,4-th BEST SH ,8-th BEST AB,7-th BEST SH ,10-th BEST AB.
16.02.2014 Uitgeest.Holland FIFe T.Friskovec Kitten EX1,BIV
16.02.2014 Uitgeest.Holland FIFe A.Shchukin Kitten BEST Devon Rex kitten in Rex & Sphynx special
19.01.2014 Athens.Greece FIFe F.Calmes Kitten EX1
18.01.2014 Athens.Greece FIFe Y.Roca-Folch Kitten EX1,NOM
11.01.2014 Ashdod.Israel FIFe E. Reijers Kitten EX1
11.01.2014 Ashdod.Israel FIFe N.Pahl Kitten EX1